A course by Ann Masten Ph.D, on Coursera. During the course participants will learn how trauma can affect children and the systems they depend on, gain insight into core concepts, research methods and lessons learned in last 50 years of resilience research, learn how research is being applied in the real world through interventions that promote resilience, and engage in discussions with others who are working with children at risk around the world
Digital hub of the me too movement. Includes ever expanding content and a Healing Resource Library, a national database of programs and supports for survivors.
Researcher and Social Work Scholar Brené Brown discusses the importance of empathy in creating authentic, vulnerable connections with others.
This video from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University highlights the active ingredients of resilience, highlighting the importance of positive relationships with caring adults in helping children develop the skills to manage stress and cope with experiences of adversity.
This video, from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University introduces the fundamentals of resilience and discusses reasons some children thrive despite experiences of adversity.