little kids in classroom

Routines to Shift the Rhythm of the Day 

Some of us are naturally larks-morning people, up before dawn and most productive before noon.  Others are night owls, burning the midnight oil and hugging a pillow past sunrise.  And yet we all come together in schools at a specific time, for a specific length of time regardless of our individual rhythms and preference for rest and activity.   

In addition, the cadence or rhythm of the day is established by the activities we participate in during the school day: consider how different morning meeting feels compared to post-recess learning or the final minutes before dismissal.    

Educators can create routines to adjust the rhythm of the day-the energy of the classroom-using simple practices to restore, energize and synchronize energy.  

Watch how this North Carolina school purposefully adjusts the rhythm of the day by connecting with nature, practicing deep breathing and present moment awareness- with attention to social distancing and our deep need to restore our energies, especially during times of high stress.  

Do you have a practice that helps adults and students restore their energy during the school day?  If so, please share your proven practices with us via voice, video, drawing or writing by emailing them to