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The Politics of Environmental Governance

I study the politics of environmental governance and am particularly interested in local institutional arrangements and the role they play in explaining policy outcomes. Here, you will find media coverage of my research, links to recent publications, new research projects, and working papers, I would very much appreciate your feedback on any of these items!

In the News

Collective property rights spark spirit of cooperation that extends beyond managing land

Voluntarism and Unselfish Leadership: Selfless behavior of key individuals is critical to the development of local institutions for self-governance. (Stanford Social Innovation Review Vol. 19, Iss. 2, (Spring 2021): 63-64)

Unselfish leadership key to tackling creeping environmental problems

Study concludes that nature benefits when more women make land management decisions

Cash payments prompt tropical forest users to harvest less

Local government engagement, decentralized policies can help reduce deforestation

When farmers must pay for groundwater, they cut use by a third

To Save Their Water Supply, Colorado Farmers Taxed Themselves

New Research Projects (externally funded)

National Science Foundation: DRMS: Inequalities, Institutions, and Sustainability: An Experimental Study of Local Efforts to Govern the Commons. (PI) Grant #: SES-1757136, 2018-2021

Belmont Forum: T2S: Amazonian Governance to Enable Transformations to Sustainability (Co-PI). Grant #T2S-789, 2018-2021