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Our Vision

In recent decades, the scale of documentation of the archaeological record has expanded exponentially through heritage management and new technologies, but the ability of archaeologists to synthesize this information has not kept pace. Also, there are calls for archaeology to play a larger role in addressing contemporary issues, but so far its impact has been limited.

CCSA is working to seize these opportunities by funding, supporting, and promoting research that leverages the inherent strengths of archaeological evidence to address general issues facing humanity. The center seeks to transform archaeology into a discipline that expands knowledge of human social dynamics using the archaeological record, the most extensive compendium of human experience available.

City - New and Old


Institute of Behavioral Science building

An Interdisciplinary Context

The Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology is an officially recognized research center of the University of Colorado Boulder. It is located within the Institute of Behavioral Science, an interdisciplinary community of social scientists that is committed to advancing knowledge of society’s most pressing challenges and pursuing solutions through innovative research, education, and engagement in the world.

Board of Advisors

A board of advisors, helps the center to thrive by providing ideas, guidance, direction and encouragement to the staff and by working with the staff to ensure that sufficient resources are in place to support the Center’s programs and initiatives.

Current board members:

  • Scott Ortman, Director of CCSA
  • Jeff Altschul, co-President, CfAS
  • Keith Kintigh, co-President, CfAS
  • Tania Barham, Institute of Behavioral Science
  • William Taylor, Department of Anthropology
  • Lori Hunter, Director, Institute of Behavioral Science (ex officio)

CCSA Bylaws (PDF)

CfAS board meeting