Resource Hub

Our Hub is a central space for gathering information related to trauma, resilience, social emotion skills, and well-being.

The resource hub connects people with professionals, programs, and information. It also connects us to one another through our online community, Notes From the Field. Access the hub to learn and connect.

Notes From the Field

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Our support doesn’t end once the training does.
The following resources all require a login.


RISE Resources

RISE programs have many multimedia resources. Access workshop and professional development materials by entering the portal designed especially for you. Teachers, administrators and school staff who have attended RISE trainings and workshops can use their password to access handouts and online materials. RISE Facilitators trained by the Center for Resilience and Well-being at the University of Colorado may use their password to access implementation materials and resources.


Let's Connect™ for Families Resources

Let’s Connect™ trained providers and agencies may use their password to access implementation materials and resources.


CBT Resources

Are you receiving training and consultation by a CRWS staff member in TF-CBT or AF-CBT? If so, use your password to access resources related to your training.

If you have a resource to share, please send to If you think a resource is missing or doesn’t exist yet but is needed, let us know! Let’s partner to create it!