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Who We Are

The Center for Resilience and Well-Being team is a group of educators, psychologists and social workers who care deeply about young people and the adults who support their development.

We are committed to understanding the behaviors and contexts that put young people’s health and development at risk and the protective factors that help young people develop and thrive.

We work in collaboration with other researchers and practitioners in the field to design, implement, evaluate and disseminate effective prevention and intervention programs for families, schools and communities.

The Institute of Behavioral Science provides us with a unique opportunity to work alongside transdisciplinary researchers and practitioners who share a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge of society’s most pressing challenges. 


We believe that everyone thrives when they are supported, valued, and connected as they navigate their lived experiences.


Children and the adults that care for them are truly seen, empowered, and connected.


Cultivate the power of connection to foster resilience in children and the adults that surround and support them. 



Being present and intentional in our relationship with self and others.


Understanding and validating others experiences and perspectives.


Acknowledging and actively working to end suffering.


Having the courage to show up and be seen.


Working together to learn from and grow with each other.


Cultivating inclusivity to promote belonging.


Being thoughtful and deliberate in our choices, words and actions.