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At CRW we commit to seeking broad understandings of complex problems by gathering voices from across disciplines and diverse perspectives and experiences to improve the lives of young people, the adults who care for them and the communities they live in.

We are researchers, clinicians, educators, program developers, and trainers who believe that our deep collaborations allow us greater access to a 360-degree view of complex systems and circumstances. Our work is responsive to long standing systemic needs and emerging community concerns related to trauma, resilience and well-being. We care about improving the quality of health, education, healing and happiness.

We are scientist practitioners:

  • We conduct research in prevention and intervention science and we translate research into practice for mental health professionals, parents, caregivers, educators and allied professionals.
  • Not only do we design and conduct our own research, we are avid consumers of compelling research.
  • We draw on the research and lived experiences of colleagues from education, contemplative studies, psychology, social work, sociology, anthropology, implementation and prevention science.
  • Together, we can develop the partnerships required to create carefully considered solutions.
  • We strive to make powerful scientific findings accessible so that individuals, institutions and communities can chart a road to resilience and well-being in their personal and professional lives.

Meet the Team