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Digital Initiatives

Increasing access to high-quality digital training for adults who support youth. We create digital content that helps adults create and nurture safe, supportive environments where young people can thrive.

School Teams & District Leadership:

CRW offers a blended-learning, consultation approach for school-wide change. Make your school or district part of sustainable, supported school-wide transformation, today!

Safe & Resilient Schools Courses

K-12 educators are positioned to make a real difference in how students experience mental health challenges at school.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate for seven hours of coursework that can be submitted for applicable continuing education needs. 

Course Details 

This 9-module course helps teachers, administrator, counselors, and staff: 

  • Decrease mental health stigma across the school
  • Identify individuals experiencing challenges
  • Provide critical relationship support to students
  • Improve system-wide supports to students

After this course, school professionals will:

  • Know trauma-responsive practices
  • Understand four common types of mental health challenges youth exhibit in schools
  • Begin to identify automatic responses to student behaviors
  • Identify ways mental health stigma shows up in schools

Threat assessment is a key component of overall school safety. Learn the critical roles of threat assessment, information sharing and follow up support in your schools overall safety strategy, including key questions and processes that have been identified as best practices from decades of school safety research.

Upon course completion participants will receive a certificate for six hours of coursework that can be submitted for continuing education credit as applicable. 

Course Details 

This 5-module course helps all school staff: 

  • Identify when, why and how to share information about students of concern with others.
  • Identify and describe threat assessment procedures with students of concern.
  • Understand threat assessment follow-up and safety planning for a student of concern.
  • Identify, describe, and apply adaptive and technical leadership strategies for a safe school climate.

Course Related Resources

Threat Assessment in the Virtual Environment

This free, downloadable resource was created to help you dig deeper in your understanding of student mental health challenges and in your use of the skills and strategies outlined in the course. 

  • the guide may be used individually or working in larger professional development groups or cohorts
  • you can use the guide syncrhonously as you take the course, or asynchronously after you complete the course