National Child Traumatic Stress Network Treatment Services Adaptation Center

The Center for Resilience and Well-Being in Schools (CRWS) is a national resource hub established to facilitate safe, supportive school environments and strong communities.

Just one safe supportive adult can make a massive difference in a youth’s life. CRWS programs and resources support educators, administrators and school staff to be “the ones” who protect, nurture, and teach our youth, and to build their social emotional health and resilience. 

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School communities are safe, nurturing and engaging environments that inspire passion for lifelong learning, foster social emotional health, and build resilience.


We provide K-12 school communities with evidence based professional development, resources, and consultation that are trauma responsive and cultivate well-being and resilience for all students, families, and educators

What CRWS Cares About

We care about supporting social, emotional, mental and behavioral health, academic achievement and resilience in youth.   

At CRWS we:

  • focus on developing well-being through building knowledge and practices that promote awareness and connection
  • strive to develop and support trauma-responsive, culturally responsive structures and practices at the Center and for school environments
  • believe that resilience is cultivated through strong nurturing relationship and we care about supporting the well-being of adults that surround students
  • believe that every sucessfull connection with a youth builds their resilience for the future